Gatwala Commercial Hub , Faisalabad is Punjab’s biggest and Pakistan’s second largest mixed use, real estate project. It has a covered area of over 3.1 million sq. ft.

This mega project, designed and developed by Shah Nawaz Associates, is located, at the junction of Canal Expressway and Lahore Sheikhupura Road. The road in front of the GCH project, has an average traffic count of 30 vehicles per minute. become, the city’s next mega center for trade, commerce, industries as well as residential projects.



Top 5 Locations to Rent a House under Rs. 30,000 in Karachi

Being Pakistan’s biggest metropolitan area, Karachi offers a fast-paced lifestyle with innumerable business and professional opportunities present.

Karachi has a well-developed infrastructure, including well-reputed educational institutions, modern health-care facilities, and limitless entertainment options as well as tourist spots, offering a complete and comfortable lifestyle for residents.

Karachi offers a remarkable variety of attractions and activities, ranging from sandy beaches to traditional bazaars, modern shopping malls, water-parks, best gyms, top cinemas and brings you flavours from all around the world in the 4-star hotels offering a myriad of cuisines, restaurants, and top coffee shops and cafes.

Given its strategic location, business opportunities, and amenities, the city has been identified as one the hottest areas to reside in Pakistan, with thousands of residential options, including best areas to invest in property, exclusive locations to buy a house under Rs. 1 Crore in Karachi, and farmhouses.

Along with the availability of buying, there are many affordable renting options present. 

To help those in search of a perfect house to rent, Graana.com brings you a list of the top 5 locations to rent a house under Rs. 30,000 in Karachi.


Rent under Rs. 30,000

Areas No. of Rooms Amenities
Bahria Town 2 – 3 bed Play Area, Park, Gym, Mosque and Hospital
Gulshan-e-Iqbal 2 bed Play Area, Park, Gym and Mosque
Gulistan-e-Jauhar 1- 3 bed Play Area, Gym and Mosque
F.B Area 2 – 3 bed GYM, Park, Mosque, TUC Shop and Community Hall
Nazimabad 2 bed GYM, Park, TUC Shop and Mosque



Bahria Town, Karachi

The well-renowned gated community of Pakistan – Bahria Town offers a quality life to all residents by featuring affordable residential units, and top-notch amenities.

Spread over an area of over 46,000 acres, Bahria Town offers numerous 3-bed villas and 2-bed apartments for rent under Rs. 30,000, in Bahria Apartments and precinct 10. The apartments and villas feature

  • 2 – 3 bedrooms with bathrooms
  • TV lounge, drawing room, dining rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony
  • Parking

The locality is connected with other parts of the city through the Super Highway, located at a distance of 9 km, and Malir Cantt via the six-lane Expressway. The nearby amenities include

  • Jinnah International Airport, at a half-hour drive
  • Night safari and state-of-the-art theme park
  • Grand Mosque (the world’s third-largest mosque), located in Precinct 13



The densely-populated area of Gulshan-e-Iqbal makes it rank among the most bustling localities, attracting a huge influx of people in Karachi. The available residential units including 2-3 bed portions and 1-3 bed apartments cater to the needs of both those searching to buy and especially those looking to rent a property. The common features are

  • 2-bed and baths (avg.)
  • TV lounge, drawing room, dining rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony (in case of apartment and upper portion)
  • Parking

The locality divided into blocks, is well-lit with renowned shopping avenues, entertainment facilities, well-maintained parks and different eateries, and connected to the major arteries through University Road and Rashid Minhas Road. Apart from the presence of gyms, parks, commercial areas, and banks, some of the renowned amenities for the residents, as well as those in nearby areas include

  • Aga Khan University Hospital (at a 15-minute drive), NED University of Engineering and Technology, University of Karachi and Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Karachi Main Campus (University Road)
  • LuckyOne Mall – one of the largest malls in Pakistan, located 5km away
  • Aladdin Park, situated at a 3-minute drive (on Rashid Minhas Road)



The highly diverse and huge residential area of Gulistan-e-Johar spreads over 20 blocks. Offering affordable housing units to buy, sell and rent, the vicinity is a popular location among middle-class families, making it one of the hottest areas in Karachi to rent an apartment, mostly in under Rs. 30,000. The basic features can be expected to include

  • 2 bed and bath
  • TV lounge, drawing room
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony

The well-connected locality is easily accessible from the major arteries of the city, including Shahrah-e-Faisal, Rashid Minhas Road, with Super Highway and Northern Bypass on the other end. The important amenities nearby include

  • Jinnah International Airport at a10 minute drive
  • Safari park
  • University of Karachi (2 km – University Road), and NED University of Engineering and Technology (10-minute drive)
  • Aladdin Amusement Park just 10 minutes away
  • The Millennium Mall, about a 5-minute drive  


F.B AreaFederal B Area

Federal B. Area, popularly called F.B Area, is one of the oldest localities of Karachi. The locality is divided into 8 union councils, namely Azizabad, Karimabad, Aisha Manzil, Ancholi, Naseerabad, Yaseenabad, Water Pump and Shafiq Mill Colony.  There are 21 blocks within this, with 20 blocks comprising residential units, and 1 serving the industrial activities in the area.

The features of the area represent the style of ‘old-mohallas’ through wide streets and old houses. The diverse and quite densely populated area also offers numerous residential units to rent for under Rs. 30,000. The common features of the available apartments and portions would include

  • 2-bed and baths (avg.)
  • TV lounge, drawing room, dining rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony (in case of apartment and upper portion)
  • Parking

The vicinity is in close proximity to North Nazimabad and easily accessible through major roads connecting to other important arteries all over Karachi. Apart from the presence of mosques, gyms, parks, commercial areas, and banks, some of the important amenities nearby include

  • Institute of Business Administration (IBA) Main Campus
  • Askari Amusement park, 20 minutes away



As diverse as the provincial capital itself, North Nazimabad is a blend of a wide range of housing societies, representing socio-economic diversity to the fullest. Apart from numerous mosques, the vicinity is also home to a few churches and temples located nearby.

Presently, the town is divided into 20 blocks, extending from Block A to Block U, and is a hub of various housing societies offering different types of residential units, including apartments and portions, for rent. The common features include 

  • 2-bed and baths (avg.)
  • TV lounge, drawing room, dining rooms
  • Kitchen
  • Balcony (in case of apartment and upper portion)
  • Parking

The area, known for its hustle and bustle, is well-connected through a planned road network and different kinds of transport facilities. It houses numerous shopping areas, namely Hydri Supermarket located on Shahrah-e-Humayun, Qadri Market and Tasdique Market in Block A, Sunday Market in Block N, and Haidery Main Market located in Block H.

The family-friendly locality serves as a recreational hub offering notable educational institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, numerous sports facilities and complexes, well-maintained parks, a myriad of eateries, shopping centres, etc. Some of the important amenities nearby include

  • Karachi Zoo in Garden East at a 20-minute drive
  • Lucky One Mall (Main Rashid Minhas Road) is approximately 4 km away


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