Gatwala Commercial Hub , Faisalabad is Punjab’s biggest and Pakistan’s second largest mixed use, real estate project. It has a covered area of over 3.1 million sq. ft.

This mega project, designed and developed by Shah Nawaz Associates, is located, at the junction of Canal Expressway and Lahore Sheikhupura Road. The road in front of the GCH project, has an average traffic count of 30 vehicles per minute. become, the city’s next mega center for trade, commerce, industries as well as residential projects.



Top 4 Areas to buy a Commercial Plot in Karachi

The economic activity that takes place in the city of Karachi is also held synonymous with the development of Pakistan. Changing statistics, with sporadic time intervals in the economic landscape of Karachi gives an overview of the whole economic situation of the country at a glance. Being a major stakeholder and a source of economic vigour, Karachi hosts people from all over the country who earn their livelihoods by engaging themselves in the formal and informal sectors of the economy.

This phenomenon leads us to believe that Karachi has a wide base of private-sectors with investors capitalising on the opportunities which the biggest city of Pakistan offers. Similarly, the notion is strengthened by the fact that the metropolitan city contributes 25% of the total Gross Development Product (GDP) while the numbers can increase in the light of increasing commercial activities in the city.

Graana.com through this blog brings forth the top 4 commercial locations of Karachi for potential investors who are looking to optimise the dividends on their investments. The prices of the commercial area are determined based on the size and locality with the price bracket varying between a minimum and a maximum amount.


DHA Phase 8 and 9

The first commercial area identified by Graana.com is phase 8 and 9 of Defence Housing Authority (DHA), Karachi which can serve the interests of potential investors. In this direction, potential investors can start their commercial activities after adhering to the by-laws of DHA.

The specifications of commercial plots in phase 8, and 9 of DHA Karachi is as follows:

  •         As mentioned in the data, the price bracket for the commercial plot spanning over 100sqyd varies between Rs5mn-Rs6mn. The variation in prices is dependent on different variables.  

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Bahria Town

For commercial activities, Bahria Town is the second identified area that provides suitable opportunities for investors looking to set up their business or enterprise. The investment in the vicinity of Bahria Town can open a new gateway of opportunities for the investors.

  •         As per data, the price of a commercial plot spanning over 200sqyd in Bahria Town varies between the price brackets of Rs8mn-Rs9mn. The minimum amount by which a commercial plot can be purchased is about 8mn while the purchasing price of a plot can reach the maximum value of 9mn.

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Scheme 33

Scheme 33 being a major residential area of Karachi metropolis also holds investment opportunities in the form of commercial plots. Furthermore, scheme 33 is equipped with all the basic facilities which are essential for running a commercial activity.

  •         In the light of the given data, the commercial plots available in scheme 33 span over 300sqyd with the price range varying between Rs10mn to Rs10.1mn.  The price bracket is determined based on the maximum and minimum amount as per the data.

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Surjani Town

The last locality shortlisted by Graana.com in Surjani Town. The locality houses people from different walks of life along with ample amounts of human resource which can prove beneficial for running an enterprise.

  •         According to the data, the price range of the commercial plot in Surjani Town of 400sqyd ranges between Rs11.2mn-Rs11.4mn. The price bracket of commercial plots is determined based on the minimum and maximum amount.

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