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Top 10 Hi-Tea Places in Karachi

Recently, there has been a surge in the popularity of hi-tea culture in Pakistan. It is mainly due to the fact that it allows families and friends to come together and spend some quality time. Another factor that has played a part in the rising popularity of hi-tea is the timing. People love to spend their evenings where they can catch up with their old friends at a nice location, all the while having light meals. Karachiites are big fans of nice food and cozy places, and hi-teas fit perfectly on both fronts. In case you are looking for a good hi-tea spot in Karachi, you are on the right platform. Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, provides you with a list of the top 15 hi-tea places in Karachi.


List of Best Hi-Tea Restaurants in Karachi

Here is a list of the top 10 places in Karachi which serve the best hi-tea service.

  • The Patio
  • Kababjees
  • Clock Tower
  • Marcopolo
  • Koel Cafe
  • Rosati Bistro
  • Royal Jasmine
  • Rangoli
  • Asia Live
  • Lal Qila

Hi-Tea Places in Karachi

Address Cost  Timing
The Patio Clifton Block 4, Karachi Rs 1300+tax

(Thursday and Saturday) 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Do-Darya, Karachi Adults Rs. 999, Children Rs. 799 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm
Clock Tower Defence sea-view, Karachi Rs. 1,149+tax

4:00 pm-6:00 pm


Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi Rs. 1850+tax 4 pm – 7 pm
Koel Cafe F 42/2, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi Rs 530/– +Tax

3 pm – 7 pm

Rosati Bistro

Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi Adults RS. 1099+Tax, Children Rs. 950 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm
Royal Jasmine Gulberg Town, Karachi. Rs 1249  Tax per Head

4 pm – 7 pm


Karsaz Road, Karachi Rs. 1199 4 pm – 6 pm
Asia Live Avari Towers Main Building, Karachi. Rs. 1900 + Tax per Head

4 pm – 7 pm

Lal Qila

Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi Adults Rs. 1250, Children Rs.  620

4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


The Patio | Hi-Tea Place in Karachi


The Patio restaurant in Karachi

(Source: Facebook)


Located in the affluent neighbourhood of Clifton, The Patio is one of the most prominent hi-tea restaurants in the city. Within a short period, the place has become quite popular among the locals where you can enjoy delicious and fancy meals and seasonal hi-tea.

The best part is that the restaurant keeps updating its hi-tea menu by adding seasonal delicacies to it. In addition to this, the eye-catching decor, peaceful atmosphere, and amazing service are a cherry on top.

Hi-Tea Days: Only available on Thursday and Saturday (make a reservation in advance)

Cost: Rs 1300+tax

Location: Clifton Block 4

Timings: (Thursday and Saturday) 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm




the exterior of a Hi-tea restaurant in Karachi

(Source: Top-Rated.online)


Another famous hi-tea restaurant in Karachi is Kababjees. Not only does the place let you enjoy your evenings with delicious food but also allows you to appreciate the profound beauty of the ocean.

Moreover, the hi-tea meal here is quite affordable.

Cost: Adults Rs. 999, Children Rs. 799

Location: Do-Darya

Timing: 4:30 pm – 6:30 pm


Clock Tower


night view of the exterior of a hi-tea restaurant in Karachi

(Source: Youtube)


Another famous hi-tea place is Clock Tower. Located near the Karachi coast, this newly-launched restaurant offers a vast variety of delicious meals.

Clock Tower offers the scenic beauty of the ocean, paired with affordable food and quick service. In a short period of time, this restaurant has managed to win the hearts of its customers.

If you want to spend a good time with friends and family while having good food at a scenic place, this restaurant is a perfect choice.

Cost: Rs. 1,149+tax

Location: Defence sea-view

Timings: 4:00 pm-6:00 pm




outside of marcopolo - a restaurant in pearl continental hotel in Karachi

(Source: Profiles.Pk)


Marcopolo restaurant offers an opulent experience as an eatery. Located inside the Pearl Continental Hotel Karachi, this restaurant comes with a lavish and diverse hi-tea menu.

The menu includes a variety of salads, pizzas, and sandwiches, which have an unforgettable taste. Besides food, the classy and comfortable atmosphere of the restaurant is also worth experiencing.

Cost: Rs. 1850+tax

Timings: 4 pm – 7 pm

Location: Pearl Continental Hotel, Karachi

Koel Cafe


Koel Cafe famous for hi tea in karachi

(Source: Koel Cafe Official Website)


Koel Cafe is known for its peaceful and calm ambience, and its palatable food and beverages. The place offers a spectacular interior with warm lights, plants, and a pool.

Located in one of the most upscale neighbourhoods of Karachi, the cafe comes with a full A La Carte menu for its customers. The hi-tea menu offers appetisers that contain Pakistani, Pan-Asian, and Continental cuisines.

Although the cafe offers high-quality delicious food coupled with excellent staff and services, the rates here are relatively affordable.

Timings: 3 pm – 7 pm

Location: F 42/2, Block 4 Clifton, Karachi.


Rosati Bistro


interior of Rosati Bistro famous for hi tea in Karachi

(Source: Pinterest)


If you ask any Karachiite about good hi-tea places, Rosati Bistro is bound to be on the list of recommendations. It is located on one of the busiest roads of Karachi – Sharah-e-Faisal.

If you ever visit Karachi, you should definitely go to this restaurant, as it provides a perfect mix of fine dining and casual lunch. It won’t be wrong to say that the fun outdoor seating space of the restaurant is its main highlight.

Cost: Adults RS. 1099+Tax, Children Rs. 950

Location: Shahra-e-Faisal, Karachi

Timings: 4:00 pm to 7:00 pm


Royal Jasmine


royal jasmine famous cafe for hi tea in karachi

(Source: Yelp)


Royal Jasmine is another famous hi-tea place in Karachi, which offers a vast range of appetising meals to its customers. The best part is that their hi-tea menu offers a blend of Chinese and Pakistani snacks that give your taste buds a unique experience.

The precision and perfection with which these snacks are made shine through their taste and appearance. It also provides an outdoor seating arrangement, and lets you appreciate mouthwatering food in the presence of nature.

Timings: 4 pm – 7 pm

Location: Gulberg Town, Karachi.




Interior of Rangoli restaurant in Karachi

(Source: Khappa.pk)


If you are looking for a hi-tea place that offers an extravagant experience, you must visit Rangoli. It’s a hub for palatable food, be it cakes or fried food.

Rangoli’s staff is also quite trained and provides excellent service. This, coupled with amazing food and ambience, makes it your desired hi-tea place.

Timings: 4 pm – 6 pm

Location: Karsaz Road, Karachi.


Asia Live


Outer seating of Asia Live restaurant

(Source: Folder)


Asia Live is a recent addition to the top-quality hi-tea places located in Karachi. Located in Avari Towers, this restaurant includes unique snacks with the perfect tea to enjoy.

The restaurant’s ambience is quite pleasant because of the live music and the cosy interior.

Timings: 4 pm – 7 pm

Location: Avari Towers Main Building, Karachi.


Lal Qila


exterior of Lal Qila restaurant

(Source: lalqila.com)


Lal Qila is one of the most luxurious and popular buffet restaurants in Karachi. The building of the restaurant reminds us of Mughal architecture.

The place is famous for hosting parties, and events like bridal showers, birthdays, etc. They provide both indoor and outdoor seating, you can choose one based on your personal choice. The hi-tea menu offers quite a vast range of food including soups, salads, BBQ, pasta, rice, sandwiches, pizzas, samosas, etc.

For seafood lovers, the restaurant offers zinger fried prawns and tandoori fried fish along with tartar sauce.

Cost: Adults Rs. 1250, Children Rs.  620

Location: Shahra-e-Faisal

Timings: 4:30 pm to 6:30 pm

So here was Graana’s list of the top 10 best hi-tea restaurants located in Karachi. For more information, you can visit Graana blog.

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