Serving area within 5km Radius

The Gutwala Commercial Hub catchment area within 5Km radius
comprises of Paradise Valley Phase 1-2-3, Wapda City, Gutwala Village,
Fakharabad, Munianwala, Alfateh Garden 1-2, Wapda City, Lawyers
Housing Society, Sitara Qamar Villas, zee Garden, Sitara Valley, Faisal
Valley, Amir Town, Ibrahim Villas & Sitara Housing, Abdullah Garden,
heaven habitats, Faisal town, judicial housing society & even manawala
respectively. Further defined in attached location map above

Catchment within 15km Radius

The Catchment area within 15 km radius includes all mentioned above
and major settlements like city Centre clock tower, civil lines, Faisalabad
Railway Station, General Bus Stand Faisalaabd, FDA city Faisalabad, Citi
Housing, Peoples Colony 1-2, Khurianwala, Makkuana, Kohinoor City, DGround, Muslim Town, Millat road, M3 Industrial Estate & even D-type.
The traveling time from site till main Sargodha road Faisalabad is around
25 minutes which is 12km away from Gutwala Commercial Hub. Clock
tower is 16Km away from site with 30 minutes of traveling time


Site Strategic Importance

The Gatwala Commercial Hub site location making it distinctive which lies
at junction of two main entrances to the city. The industrial estate at
Sahianwala is only 27 km away from site. Industrial Estate project
comprising of more than 4500 acres of land accommodating Textile,
Pharmaceuticals, Information Technology, Chemicals Automotive, service
complex, etc will also be equally successful.
On the other hand khurianwala is only 11 km away from GCH,20 minutes
of traveling time. Khurrianwala is one of the largest manufacturing industry
of Pakistan & this industry has given employment to more than 200
thousand people. Stakeholders of this system are the industrialists, workers,
officers, transporters, drivers, importers associated with textiles industries.
Immediate site surroundings includes many residential project which
demands such commercial hub at this place and location

Compactness analysis shows that drastic change occurred in the area of Gutwala Sheikhupura
Road, Canal Road, Faisal Town, Qamar Garden) during whole study period. Only 2% area was
urban in 1973, with dominant open area (0.98 openness). In the following years small change
happened like, urbaneness was 6 % till 1992. Interestingly, from 1992 to 2013, 54 % increase
witnessed in urbaneness. Similarly analysis shows that urbanization trend remained highest in this
region having lesser open area in existence.