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Pros and Cons of Houses Near Power Lines

When choosing houses, deciding on the area or location can be very confusing. Amongst the wide range of choices, one particular area where people hesitate to live is in houses near power lines.

One of the major factors people associate with living near power lines is the fact that electrical wires can, at times, be a threat to life. Therefore, few people are inclined to buy or rent a house near power lines.

Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal, has listed some pros and cons of living near power lines that you should know before purchasing a property in such an area.


Pros of Houses Near Power Lines

Living near power lines comes with various advantages. Let’s take a look.


Low Rate of Property


Low Rate House

Low Rate House (Source: Pinterest)


Properties near power lines are typically sold at lower rates as compared to houses at other locations. In case you have a tight budget to work with, and you are looking to buy or rent a house, this is a great option. Not only will you get a great house in good condition, but you will also be paying relatively less as compared to other houses.

For investors, houses near power lines are a great investment opportunity. Buying the house at a cheap price and then selling it with profit later is a great way to work out a good return on your investment.

However, do note that this can only occur after the real estate value has gone up and you can finally get a good price for it. Holding the property long enough can work in your favour.


Quick Power Supply


Quick Power Supply

Quick Power Supply (Source: Pinterest)


Besides getting easy access to electricity, those living close to power lines are often treated as priority customers, especially when there is a power outage.

In case of a technical fault, the company technicians respond quickly and ensure quick power repair. There is a high chance that your complaint will be entertained on a priority basis.

Since power lines may pose a significant danger, the power company will be more vigilant about those living nearby.





Privacy (Source: Pinterest)


If you are one of those people who prefer living in solitude without dealing with a lot of people, living near power lines is a great option for you. Since only a small portion of the population prefer living next to power lines, you are less likely to interact with too many people. Other than this, government regulations also prohibit building a large number of residential properties close to power lines.


High Voltage Electricity


High Voltage Electricity

High Voltage Electricity (Source: Pinterest)


People who have houses near power lines tend to get a fast, reliable electricity supply. As the transformers increase the level of voltage, nearby houses receive high-voltage electric supply. Your electricity bills might also be low since the cost of supplying electricity to nearby houses is low.


Yard Maintenance


Yard Maintenance

Yard Maintenance (Source: Pinterest)


Living in proximity to big trees is sometimes difficult as yard maintenance is a physically demanding task and can consume a lot of time. In harsh weather especially, a storm can cause a lot of damage to your house so you have to be careful about trimming trees regularly.

The maintenance of yards is quite expensive, but if you are living near power lines, then you do not have to bother yourself with this problem. The power regulatory authorities take it upon themselves to take care of the surrounding areas in order to ensure that the power lines are protected.


No Immediate Danger


Don’t have immediate Danger

Don’t have immediate Danger (Source: Pinterest)


As per government regulations, electric companies always have to install their power lines at a safe distance from residential areas. Therefore, it is less likely that you would be in immediate danger if your house is 50 meters away from the power lines. The regulations take into account a number of factors and are designed to keep the residents safe.


Cons of Houses Near Power Lines

There are also some drawbacks of living near power lines that you should factor in when you are making your final decision.


Health Issues


Health Issues

Health Issues (Source: Pinterest)


Living near power lines can cause serious health issues, such as leukaemia. This is because of the environmental pollution in the area, which is usually the main cause of this disease. It can easily affect children as well as the elderly as their immune system gets weak.

The electric radiation also directly affects health as it has a strong electromagnetic field, which is more powerful than any other electric devices.


Noise Pollution



Noises (Source: Pinterest)


While power lines do not create a lot of noise on their own, they can be a source of disruption, especially if your house is built close to transformers. The buzzing noise of the power lines also tends to get worse when it is raining.

Therefore, constant noise could be a major disadvantage when renting or buying a house close to power lines. The impact of noise is highest for those houses which are built directly under the power lines or close to electrical poles.


Low Property Value


Low Rate of Property

Low Rate of Property (Source: Pinterest)


While low property value will suit buyers looking for cheaper options, the value of property close to power lines might not be appreciated at the same rate as the surrounding areas. The value of property close to power lines tends to be relatively low.

Because of this reason, it might not be an ideal choice for those looking for a lucrative investment. The value of the property might be significantly impacted if the power lines are faulty and are not properly maintained by the authorities.


Risk of Fire


Risk of Fire

Risk of Fire (Source: Pinterest)


Despite having government regulations in place, there is always a chance of a mishap. Even though it is a rare occurrence, a short circuit can sometimes cause a fire which can quickly engulf the property. This is especially a risk in rain, which makes it important to keep your property safe during rainy season.

Government regulations might not be strictly enforced and the power company might not take full responsibility in case of a fire. Due to this, residents might have to take extra precautions, which will increase the cost of living near power lines.


Property Restrictions


Property Restrictions

Property Restrictions (Source: Pinterest)


There are certain restrictions that apply to properties situated near power lines. Besides requiring the residential areas to be at a safe distance from the power lines, there are also limitations on particular types of construction. These usually apply to commercial buildings and activities. They are advised to be within a certain radius of the power lines. Such restrictions can further bring down the value of your property.





Radiations (Source: Pinterest)


The power lines create an electromagnetic field around them. Exposure to this radiation can cause health-related issues. Houses in close proximity to power lines are particularly vulnerable to high radiation.

As the distance between power lines and houses increases, the risk of radiation goes down significantly. Therefore, it is essential to check the intensity of radiation and take safety measures before renting or buying a house near power lines.


These pros and cons will help you to make the right decision about whether you should live near power lines. If you are looking for more information about finding the right property for you, visit Graana.com.




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