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NADRA Smart Card: A Complete Guide

National Database and Registration offers several services, and one such service is the NADRA Smart Card – a national Identity card that has a chip embedded in it. This new chip-based design is now replacing all traditional Identity cards.
In this blog, we’re going to explore all there is to know about this smart card and why you need to consider it when making or renewing your NIC. Graana.com, Pakistan’s smartest property portal helps with all you need to know about the process.

What is a NADRA Smart Card?

A NADRA smart card or a smart national Identity card (SNIC) is a national identity card with an addition of a chip inside the card that helps log information. It helps secure your identity and other vital records by adding a layer of biometric verification.

The chip can be used for identity verification and biometrics to ensure that everyone has an accurate record of data free from any duplication. This identity verification helps in distributing pensions to their rightful holders, participation in various social welfare programmes and many other services. More of these services will, in the near future, make holding a smart Identity card a necessity.

Overseas Pakistanis can also avail of this Smart National Identity card in the form of a SNICOP. This allows them to participate in Government Rebates and other programmes to reward them for their remittances and manage them as well.

Features of NADRA Smart Card

Name of Individual
Individual’s Father’s Name
Identity Number
Country of Stay
Date of Birth
Signature of Holder
QR code

Core Security Features

It contains a smart chip, the likes of which resemble a sim card, and it has the ability to store a certain amount of data. The integrity of the chip is backed by biometric security and the NADRA smart card incorporates a multi-layered design with security details for each layer.
Why Opt for a NADRA Smart Card

A smart card has several benefits, with the biggest one being that it prevents blatant identity theft and fraud. A Smart card makes it difficult to emulate or duplicate any information as the data is digitally stored in an encrypted central database. It also helps in easing the identity verification process as the fingerprints are tied to your identity, meaning you will be able to confirm your identity using your fingerprints.

How to Apply for NADRA’s Smart Card

The NADRA smart card can be acquired from any NADRA centre, some of which operate 24/7 to make the process as hassle-free as possible. The SNIC can be delivered to your house, should you choose to do so. Overseas Pakistanis do not have to go through the hassle of visiting an embassy to obtain their Smart Cards as the whole process of applying for the card has been entirely transferred online, meaning all it takes is a few clicks.

Online Application Process for Overseas Pakistanis


PAK Identity website login portal

(Source: Pak Identity Login Website)


  • Visit the Website Pak-Identity website
  • Click on Apply Now/Login
  • Register for an account
  • Provide a valid email address and mobile number
  • Chose the relevant category
  • Fill out the application form accurately
  • Pay the required Fee using either a Credit or Debit card
  • Upload all documents and photographs
  • Wait for the card to be delivered to your doorstep

For Regular Pakistani citizens, the NADRA centre has a counter for document submission and a picture booth. You fill out an application form and wait till they give you a receipt for the collection of your smart card. If you chose the home delivery option, then you wait for a couple of days to have it delivered to your door.

Documents Required for NADRA’s Smart Card

NADRA’s smart card requires a lot of documents for verification, and it can be difficult to provide a comprehensive list. However, the NADRA government website has a tool on their website that makes this job a lot simpler. You choose the specific form of identification you require and it lists all the documents necessary to complete the process.

Time Duration

There are three categories of delivery times. Normal (31 days), Urgent(23 days) and Executive(7 days). The prices will vary based on the category chosen. The delivery times are not fixed but are less likely to deviate wildly from the date given.




Normal (PKR) Urgent (PKR) Executive (PKR)
Smart NIC New


1500 2500
Smart NIC Modification


1500 2500
Smart NIC Duplicate 750 1500 2500
Smart NIC Renewal 750 1500 2500
Overseas Pakistanis (Zone A) Normal (USD) Urgent (USD) Executive (USD)
New Smart NICOP 39 57  75 
Smart NICOP Modification 39 57  75 
Smart NICOP Duplicate 39  57  75 
Smart NICOP Renewal 39  57  75 
Overseas Pakistanis (Zone B) Normal (USD) Urgent (USD) Executive (USD)
New Smart NICOP 20 30  40
Smart NICOP Modification 20 30  40
Smart NICOP Duplicate 20 30  40
Smart NICOP Renewal 20 30  40

For more information regarding pricing policies, make sure to visit NADRA’s Official website for more information.

What to Do in Case of Loss of NADRA Smart Card

NADRA has now removed the requirement of a First Information Report (FIR) to be submitted to obtain a duplicate SNIC. An FIR should be filed if the card is stolen to mitigate possible identity theft.

Download an undertaking form for duplication and fill it out as required to begin the reprinting process. The same charges apply for duplication which have been listed above.


A NADRA smart card is going to be the standard in the coming times. A lot of incentives and exciting new features are going to be tied to these smart cards, meaning having one will be essential. For more information, visit Graana.com – Pakistan’s first online real estate marketplace.

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