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Farmhouse Bedroom Ideas

Like many other countries around the world, owning a home along with a farmhouse is the newest trend of living a luxury lifestyle in Pakistan. People are purchasing farmhouses located in the suburbs of urban areas, where they can go and spend quality leisure time with family and friends. With the growing demand for farmhouses in Pakistan, many reputable builders and contractors in the country have initiated dedicated projects focused on delivering impressively built luxury farmhouses. 


Trends in Farmhouses

In modern times, the creaky floorings and fascinating qualities of centuries-old farms and worn-down homesteads have been glamorized to make a style statement of their own: farmhouse. The homelike touches and diverse combination of furniture coupled with antique accents all impeccably blend to produce a personal space that is both comfy, relaxing, and timelessly on-trend.


For most of its dimensions, the essentials of a modern farmhouse bedroom defy the wave of contemporary, minimal spaces that have remained popular on the preferences list of homeowners for quite a long time.  Today’s standard farmhouse style wards off the existence of identical accent pieces, clean lines, and refined furniture, and instead embraces the aged, antiquated, and timeless furniture and interior décor that make a statement of their own. 


Yet, a big challenge that farmhouse owners, as well as designers, often face is the interior design of rustic farmhouse bedrooms. Unlike traditional homes, farmhouse bedroom décor is expected to deliver a better touch of comfort and luxury, all combined to replicate a high-class setting.


Ahead in this blog, you’ll find 10 farmhouse bedroom décor ideas that are elegant enough to take the beauty of your farmhouse bedroom to the next level. Many of these designs are inspirational approaches to the interior decoration that goes beyond the presumed limits of the timeworn farmhouse style.

Rustic Touch


A simply stunning bedroom like this realistically demonstrates that it only takes a few objects to make your space replicate the traditional farmhouse style. The painted wooden sliding door and chandelier are incomparable statements that complement nicely against the beige walls, wooden ceiling, and bedding, all without feeling too gritty.

Luxury Redefined


Spending time in your farmhouse bedroom should be the most relaxing, serene, and luxurious experience. This touch of a luxury setting comprising genuinely soft bedding over a pure mahogany wood master bed offers a desirable comfort that you cannot but admire. The contrasting blue and off-white wall paint creates an atmosphere of its own. 

Meridian Design


This farmhouse bedroom design is a decent mix of grey-green wall paint with a touch of wood, thanks to the elegantly fixed solid wooden flooring. You can fix a wall painting of your choice to customize the room setting. The moonlight lamp and a creatively designed table add to the elegance of this farmhouse bedroom décor. 

Cozy Fabrics


The texture is the heart of everything when it comes to nailing down a rustic aesthetic. The true essence of a farmhouse relies heavily on wood, natural fabrics, and traditional raw materials. This bedroom style ticks all boxes and looks truly inviting.

Scandinavian Farmhouse


Farmhouses are admirable by afar, but every owner, as well as a guest’s main priority, is a bedroom that’s relaxing and hygge at its core. That won’t ever be an issue if you go for this space, which is integrally Scandinavian with a few classy touches of an antique farmhouse, including herringbone wood floors, an uncovered wood beam, and a classically appealing mix of natural textiles such as linen.

Modern Farmhouse


It’s the subtler touches that make this setting originate a modern, soft, and cozy farmhouse vibe. The warm quilt, quality rug, and drapes all contribute to making a serene atmosphere within the room. The bright lamp and bed frame delivers a touch of contemporary rendition of home décor.

Green-toned Room

Colors always add to the beautify of things that exist. Choosing the right color for your farmhouse room matters as much as anything else. Different colors provide a different feeling, but the effects of the green color are mesmerizing. 


While traditional bedrooms rely on white or another quiet hue, this dusty green paint will just make your stay in the room an out-of-the-world experience enriching your soul with a fairy-tale world feel. 

Metal Touch


If you’re unsure where to start in constructing a farmhouse bedroom, or how to begin with its interior design, then a simplistically fashioned iron bed frame is the perfect thing to start with. Highlight its grace with beige bedding and an antique table placed on the side, as shown in this space, and you’re on the right track of making a rustic bedroom that you have long craved for.

Professional’s Bedroom


If you are someone who can like to work even during the holidays then this room design will please you to the core of your heart. With plenty of space, finest bedding, premium furniture having a dedicated chest-height table and comfortable sofas will serve all your rest and work needs at the same time. 

Nature’s Neighbor


As the name suggests, this farmhouse bedroom idea is for those who wish to keep their eyes shining with the marvelous views of nature. Arranged in a smaller space, the complimentary bedding and sofa with a large side table offer the right package of all necessities. But what’s special about this room is the abundance of window glasses that let you see through the room while staying inside on your bed or sofa. 

Woody Sight


This room offers plenty of sunshine and a captivating view of nature. The oakwood bed with a couple of small side tables having a lamp on each mixes well with the beige rug texturized to add appeal. 

How to Decorate Your Farmhouse Bedroom?

Farmhouse bedroom wall decor follows the right mix of decent color and appealing texture, followed by a wonderful decorative surprise. If you are wondering how to decorate a farmhouse bedroom, read the ways we’ve put together to add amazing wall decor and to make any farmhouse-style bedroom eye-catching and luxurious.


  • Choose the right match of colors and add contrast to complement the furniture and accessories placed in the room
  • Utilize the vacant space on the walls to fix the paintings or scenery of your choice
  • Go for the stylish yet contrasting wallpapers as farmhouse bedroom wall décor
  • Extend the headboard and side tables to maximize shelf space and utilize that space to place accessories such as lamps, picture frames, etc. 
  • Use books as an item of décor. Place them decorously on your room’s tables and vacant space near the windows
  • Light up rustic walls. Decent wall lights providing a graceful touch can do the job for you while effortlessly highlighting all decorative accessories placed in the room
  • Choose art pieces in contrast with the wall paint and color of bedding and furniture
  • Select white or light-colored paints as they will make a great backdrop to painting, mirrors, wall hangings, or any other type of artwork that you may look to place for your farmhouse bedroom décor

Find a Luxury Farmhouse

If you read this blog to get farmhouse bedroom décor ideas for a property that you are planning to purchase, you must consider surveying through our extensive listing of farmhouses for sale in Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Lahore, or other cities in Pakistan. This will provide you with a realistic range of options to select the best farmhouse at a very reasonable price. 

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