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DIY home décor ideas to revamp your home

Do you know what’s the best way to decorate your home? The answer to this is: Do It Yourself and let out your creativity.

Your home is a place where you have all the freedom to create and decorate. How you decorate it, totally depends on you. If you are someone who likes creating a vibe that is aesthetic or traditional or even modern, you can use some easy DIY home décor ideas to revamp your home easily within no time. The best part about this is that these home décor ideas can be executed by you through your creativity and play an important role in revamping your home.

You can maximize your style and customize the DIY home décor ideas just as you like and make the best out of it to match your style and most importantly, save on expenses.

In this blog, Graana.com lists down DIY home décor ideas to revamp your home.

Let’s have a look!


Hanging flower vases

hanging flower vases a DIY home decor ide

Source: Pinterest

The easiest yet most refreshing DIY home décor idea is hanging flower vases. If you want to bring color to your home use any glass empty pot, pour in some water and place beautiful colorful flowers in it. You don’t need any support to keep them, just hang them next to your window and get a refreshing and vibrant look!


Teacup candles

pink tea cup candles for home decor

Source: Pinterest

Creating a candle at home is super easy. You just need to melt the wax and put it in an aesthetic cup, choose the cup’s color and pattern according to your room’s décor or color theme and add up to the look with teacup candles.


Photo clipboards

Source: Pinterest

If you have a lot of magazines or newspapers, use them as a DIY home décor idea by hanging them on the wall with clipboards. To give them a more defined look, embellish them with your favorite color and hang them on the wall, after that secure those magazine covers and newspapers on them.


Custom wallpaper

Source: Pinterest

Custom wallpapers instantly change the whole look of your home. It is an easy DIY, you can get a wallpaper of your favorite color or design and paste it on the wall. It is your choice when it comes to the pattern of the wallpaper, you can choose a modern styled wallpaper if you like, aesthetic or traditional as well. This décor idea is not just long-lasting but also recyclable.

Pom pom wall décor

Source: Pinterest

Pom poms are popular for their beautiful and vibrant colors. If you already have bought pom-poms for a birthday décor or your little one, recycle it and use it as a DIY home décor idea. You can easily decorate any of the home’s walls with pom-poms that can be hung.

Planted shelves

Source: Pinterest

Indoor plants can never get old. Place your plants on the wall on floating shelves and bring in greenery to your house. This wall can be super easy to make and it transforms the whole look of your home.

Seashell décor

Source: Pinterest

Are you someone who has gathered a lot of seashells while on their visit to the beach? If yes, then seashells are an amazing DIY home décor idea. You can make a seashell mobile for your home. This décor will look great on your entryway.

Painted pots

Source: Pinterest

Basic painting skills are required for this DIY home décor idea. You can paint plain pots in simple designs such as polka dots in different colors with acrylic paints, then place plants in those pots and they are good to go! You can place them on your study or side table or even on your window sill.

Painted leaves

Source: Pinterest

Paint some festive patterns on leaves and create an art piece. This décor idea is best for winters and autumn. In autumn you can find plenty of leaves on the ground, go pick some and paint them for an easy DIY décor home idea.

Photo lamp

Source: Pinterest


Make a plain lampshade and paste photos on it. You can paste photos of your family or any other pictures that have a special meaning to you. It will look super cute when you light up the lamp.

Flower wall

Source: Pinterest

Isn’t it beautiful to see beautiful flowers on your wall when you wake up in the morning? Flowers of different colors can brighten up your space. However, it is not that long-lasting if the flowers are fresh. But you can also use artificial flowers for this décor idea.

Patterned dresser

Source: Pinterest

Is your dresser plain? Why not decorate it yourself with an easy DIY décor idea. Use colorful paper and cut it out in your favorite shape, let that be a triangular shape, and paste it on your dresses to bring color and decorate it in a super inexpensive way.

DIY painting

Source: Pinterest


Paint freestyle on a canvas in bright colors, that can be making swirls in different colors and making beautiful marble art. This doesn’t require much time and is super easy to make with things you already have at home.

Chalkboard wall

Source: Pinterest

A DIY chalkboard idea is something that can liven up your room. Draw beautiful patterns on the chalkboard with different colors. Patterns can be of your own choice, which can be floral, abstract, any cartoon character, etc.

Paper wall art

Source: Pinterest

DIY origami cranes are a great way to make bold visual statements. Make handcrafted cranes of different colors on an empty wall and make a colorful decoration for your house.

Mobile with recycled material

Source: Pinterest

An easy way to brighten up your space is to create a mobile with recycled materials such as small glass plates, paint them in different colors and make a rainbow mobile.


DIY candle holders are very simple make use of empty glass jars, paint them in your cute little designs in different colors, and place scented candles in them. Keep them on your side table or shelves for a beautiful decoration and scent in your home.

Canvas prints

Source: Pinterest

Showcase your art by placing the canvas on the shelf for a welcoming and warm environment. It’s totally up to you if you place one canvas or multiple canvases on the shelf for decoration.

Paper banner

Source: Pinterest

Do you want to brighten up your kids’ playroom? Making a DIY paper banner is the answer. It’s super easy to make. Cut out shapes on colorful paper, paste them on a string and hang that string on the wall. This is a quick festive décor idea.

Fairy light wall

Source: Pinterest

For a warm and cozy look, use your fairy lights and hang them on the wall, on your door, or your curtains. This is not only a great way to make your space look good but also provides light and brightens up the space.

DIY kite décor

Source: Pinterest

Decorate your little one’s room by making a paper kite in nice colors and then paste it on the wall. This is a super easy DIY home décor idea that can be done. Involve your kids in formulating this and make it fun for them.

Cabinet makeover

Source: Pinterest

If you don’t like your simple cabinets, makeover them by using paints of different colors and painting beautiful floral patterns on them. For example, if your cabinet is plain white, painting floral prints with light blue or pink would make your cabinet look great.

Nature wall art

Source: Pinterest

Nature wall art is an attractive yet simple DIY décor idea. On plain paper paint natural art, like leaves, flowers, trees and hang with a string on a wall. This will help you decorate your home, showcase your artwork and lastly, look beautiful.

Decorate your floor cushions

Source: Pinterest

Simple floor cushions don’t look that attractive. Paint them or do hand embroidery on them at home and decorate them in different colors.

Cover your lampshade

Source: Pinterest

A DIY décor idea is to cover your lampshade with the fabric of a nice print. Cut the fabric by the size of your lampshade and paste it on the lampshade.

Make a poster hanger

Source: Pinterest

Use wood trims to make a super budget friends poster hanger. Place a poster in between and hang it on the wall. The poster can be your favorite painting or your quote that inspires you the most.

Floor cloth

Source: Pinterest

By using your favorite fabric and linoleum create a DIY floor cloth and use it as a rug on the floor.

Make a bottle vase frame

Source: Pinterest

By using already present items at home make a bottle vase. Put flowers in an empty glass bottle. Paint a canvas and fix the bottle on the canvas with the help of ribbons and mount it on the wall to give your space a fresh and color full look.

Make a penny tabletop

Source: Pinterest


If you are fond of collecting coins of different currencies, making a penny tabletop is one of the greatest ideas to utilize for DIY home décor. Carefully arrange coins by the shape of your table and cover them with epoxy glaze for a sleek look.

DIY ladder décor

Source: Pinterest

Use a ladder as a DIY blanket ladder and place it in your room. Place a beautiful blanket on the ladder. This décor idea is not only for blankets, but you can also hang towels, jackets, and other things on it as well. Varnish your old ladder and give it a bit of shine and it’s good to go!

Make rope baskets

Source: Pinterest

Turn your simple and boring baskets into stylish ones by wrapping them in rope with help of adhesive glue. This will help you transform your old basket and hide any flaws that it has and give it a chic look. You can place these baskets and use them for multi-purposes.

DIY hanging table

Source: Pinterest

Make a DIY small hanging table with a small wooden piece. Tie knots with rope on three sides of the wooden piece if it is in a circular shape or knots on four sides if it is square. This can be used to put small decorative items.

Plastic spoon planter

Source: Pinterest

Plastic spoons are a complete waste. Why not be creative with them and make plastic spoon planters for plants. For this, you will be needing a plastic planter or a jar, some plastic spoons, scissors, and glue.

Room divider

Source: Pinterest

Using driftwood to make a room divider is an easy hack of DIY home décor. Collect driftwood of similar shape and size, clean up, paint and then organize them and use them as a room divider.

Fabric wall hanging

Source: Pinterest

Use a printed fabric that you no longer use and hang it on your plain wall to add color to your room. This will instantly brighten up the space and it is one of the easiest DIY home décor ideas.

Tyre ottoman

Source: Pinterest

Rubber tires are very long-lasting, so there is no need to throw them away. Use old tyres as ottomans after decorating them. You can either paint them or cover them in sisal rope and they are ready to be used.

Icecream stick décor

Source: Pinterest

Use ice cream sticks to make an octagon box and then mount it on the wall and put a small flower pot in it. This can be done by sticking multiple sticks together on each side.

Photo calendar

Source: Pinterest

To give your home a more personalized look, put together your photos and calendar. Paste a picture alongside each month on the calendar, this will make a boring calendar very eye-catching.


These DIY home décor ideas are super easy to make and are very budget friendly as well.

What do you think is the best DIY home décor idea?

Let us know in the comment section below!


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