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30 Amazing Balcony Décor ideas

Balconies provide you an amazing and comfortable outdoor experience while sitting at home. To decorate your balcony it is not important for it to be very spacious, small places can also be made comfortable with some easy decorating ideas.

Graana.com lists down 30 amazing balcony décor ideas for you!


Turn it into an enchanted garden

different plants and flowers for balcony decor

source: Pinterest

Using different plants and flowers is an amazing way to give your small balcony a colorful and lively look. Pick the plants that don’t need sunlight to make the maintenance easy but don’t forget to water the plants regularly to keep your mini garden fresh.


Small coffee table

coffee or tea table with two chairs for balcony decor

source: Pinterest

Adding a small coffee table to your balcony serves right when you are someone who likes to sip coffee or tea in an outdoor environment. A foldable coffee table is a great idea if your balcony is small so that you can open it when needed and fold it back to make space when not needed.


Floor cushions

colorfull cushions placed on balcony floor for comfortable sitting

source: Pinterest

Don’t have enough space for furniture? floor cushions is the answer, For a cozy environment they work best in a small area, with floor sitting you can make your balcony look a bit spacious even if it is small.


Rocking chair or a recliner

source: Pinterest

If you want to sit back and relax with a cup of coffee on your balcony, a rocking chair or a recliner will not only serve your purpose but give a comfortable and relaxing look to your balcony as well.


Hanging lamps

source: Pinterest

Hanging lamps or lights on the grill or on the ceiling, for your balcony décor will help you light   up the space. You can use temporary adhesive hooks for this purpose which can be removed if   you plan to change your balcony décor.


Canopy for shade

source: Pinterest

Canopy for shade gives a grand look to the balcony decor when viewed from outside of the apartment. Not just for the décor purpose but canopy also works as shade and keeps the space cool, especially in summers. 


Book shelf 

source: Pinterest

To give your balcony a look of a small library, installing a bookshelf with the walls, will serve the purpose of balcony décor. 


Wall décor with vibrant colors

bright pink wall with flowers and white furniture setting infort

source: Pinterest

Paint your  balcony wall with a bright color for a vibrant look. With a colorful wall minimal other décor will be required to enhance your balcony.


Pet friendly balcony

source: Pinterest

If you have a pet, set up your balcony to make it pet friendly by adding mesh to your fence so that it becomes safe for your cute little pet and you can relax without any tension. Knowing that it’s going to be safe.


Make it an extension of the lounge 

source: Pinterest

If you want to make your balcony an extension of your lounge it can be easily done through décor, use the same flooring material, curtains and color theme and utilize the balcony as an extension of the lounge for a larger space. In between you can add slide or foldable door which can be opened and closed according to your requirements.


Outdoor curtains for privacy

source: Pinterest

Waterproof/outdoor curtains are very important if you want to maintain your privacy, use beautiful fancy curtains with vibrant colors to enhance nit just the décor of your balcony but to also maintain privacy.


Add a small fire pit

small firepit in middle of a sofa setting

source: Pinterest

Adding a small fire pit to your balcony décor will give an instant warm and cozy atmosphere. You can place floor cushions near the fire pit and drink coffee, read a book to relax in winters.


Use wood flooring

source: Pinterest

Using good wood floor material provides an experience of comfort in an outdoor setting to spend some quality time. Whether it’s winters or summers, wood floors go best with all the seasons. It is heat resistant in summers and rain resistant in winters. 


Decorating mirrors on wall

source: Pinterest

Usually balconies have small walls, to bring a sophisticated look to your balcony, fancy mirrors are a great option, a set of few mirrors in different shapes will fill in the empty wall of your balcony and serve as a great and eye-catching décor.


Make a small herb garden

herb garden with the balcony fence. including mint, oregano, basil, lettuce, parsley

source: Pinterest

If you want your balcony to have a beautiful green scent, herb garden is the answer. The Best herbs that you can grow in your balcony are basil, parsley, fennel, mint, thyme and rosemary.


Place small rug on floor

black and white patterned rug on the floor

source: Pinterest

Rugs are always used to complete the final look of your décor, place a small rug on the wooden floor of your balcony and give it a chic look, rugs of bright colors and big patterns look great and will also help in making the area look a bit spacious. 


Decorate your balcony wall with pictures

different paintings and picture frames on the balcony wall

source: Pinterest

If there is an empty wall in your balcony, decorate it with paintings or quote frames. It looks great if you want to showcase your artwork and decorate your balcony side by side.


Small rack

source: Pinterest

A small rack with cute little decorative items is always a sight for the visitor, small flower pots, candles, pen holders or any such small things look really cute for decoration.


Design a spot for cocktail

source: Pinterest

Entertain yourself outside with a balcony bar where you can make your favorite drink like margarita or fresh juices. If you have a view of the sea from your balcony, a cocktail bar would be a perfect choice for balcony decor.


Opt for a Color Theme

lilac themed balcony setup with a white table.

source: Pinterest

Match everything in your balcony, the walls, furniture, cushions and decorative items. Make a theme out of all and it will give your balcony a lively look. A color theme makes the balcony look very stylish and fresh.


Add personal touch

source: Pinterest

Decorating the balcony as you like it is very important, you can take ideas from other balcony setups but adding your personal touches to it will enhance it more. If you like vintage or antique stuff, decorate your balcony in that way or if modern and stylish décor inspire you, set up that.


Keep it simple

two chairs with a small table for balcony decor

source: Pinterest

Sometimes keeping your décor simple and minimal results in a great look. Placing a simple two seat bench with cushions and a small table in front to keep your coffee mug or book, looks simple yet beautiful.


Decorate with different patterns and colors

colorful floor sitting with carpet and cushions

source: Pinterest

Don’t like single color setup? Use different patterns and colors to decorate your balcony. Patterned rugs with colorful furniture and cushions makes the balcony look really vibrant and attractive.


Reuse what you have 

DIY cushion, white painted tyre with cushion inside

source: Pinterest

Utilizing what you already have is a smart way of saving money and decorating your balcony. using wooden crates that you already have, can be recycled in various ways such as they can be used as stools to sit on with comfy cushions. Old tires can easily be turned into a floor sitting, all you will have to do is paint them, and place a cushion in the center.


Use a balcony table

balcony table attached to the fence

source: Pinterest

A balcony table does not take floor space at all, so if you have a small space, balcony table is the answer. It can be easily attached to the railing of your balcony and is also very handy. You can keep food, drinks, books and a lot of other things to utilize space in a smart way.


Place a hammock

hammock in your balcony for a comfortable sitting

source: Pinterest


In the summer season, hammock works great when you want to take a nap in the afternoon. It gives a very relaxing vibe when you lie on the hammock and swing slightly while reading a book.


Custom built in bed

comfortable built in bed with cushions for balcony

source: Pinterest

If you want to relax with privacy from everything ,A built-in bed will go really well with your small balcony for a comfortable environment. It’s very simple to make your own DIY bed, with a single mattress, some pillows or cushions and a small comforter and your balcony décor is super presentable.


Cover with bamboo fencing

bamboo sticks for your privacy

source: Pinterest

If you are someone who enjoys privacy, be creative with your privacy screen by using bamboo on your fence, it not only gives you privacy but also looks beautiful in an outdoor setting by giving a tropical look.


Hanging flowers

pink and white hanging flowers on on the railing of your balcony

source: Pinterest

Hanging colorful flowers will give your balcony décor a very vibrant and fresh atmosphere. It will look colorful and beautiful. The flowers can be hung on the balcony’s rail or even on the walls.


Use artificial grass

artificial grass for your balcony to give a lively and green look

source: Pinterest

If you want to have an outdoor experience while sitting at home, use artificial grass on the floor for a  lively green color, it withstands almost all conditions and is not only long lasting but maintenance free as well.

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